Sunday, June 22, 2008

Customer - Paul G. Fishing Weekend - South Padre Island, Texas

Hey Shieldski,

Here are some pics of the weekend. We arrived at the beach at 10:00 am to find Sharks and Jacks in the wade gut feeding on mullet. We caught a couple of jacks and only took one to use for shark bait which produced a 6.5 foot Bull brought in by my father-in-law with the spiral wrapped Shieldski Customs rod. We had a good time for half a day's fishing.

Me with "shark bait"....
Father-in-Law hooked up with the Shieldski Custom. Look at how much backbone this thing has.
Little by little.....
Me tailing the shark. A proud Father-in-Law.
The rod is working great. Can't wait to hook into something that can really put it to the test. Thanks again, Paul G.

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Jeff said...

Great fish, Paul. Tell the father-in-law congratulations. Was that his first shark? Glad the rod is working out for you. Keep me updated on any other catches.

Tight lines,