Sunday, May 25, 2008

Shieldski - Rod Station Is Complete

So the rod station is now up and running. This space used to be the closet in the spare bedroom. Originally there was a wall right in the middle of this opening, then two sets of louvered doors on either side of the wall. Knocked out the wall, pulled out the doors and painted the space. Then found a place in town that sells 10 foot by 2 foot counter tops already covered in formica for $75. Installed the counter top, flourescent lighting up above, shelving from Ikea (halogen lights under them) and storage bins from Target. Came together nicely. Also put up some Ikea curtains so when guests come to stay I can pull them closed and hide the space.
The wall of fame... hopefully will fill up the whole space someday !! ;-)
Left side has two wall mounted thread spool holders. Should be plenty for now.
My hand carved fish from Mexico. A little inspiration...

Rod wrapper in the front, rod dryer in the back. Drilled holes in the desk to drop the cords to the power strip down below.
Industrial power strip below deck. 2x4 braces. Heat gun mount.
Gotta love Harbor Frieght. My Hot Rod roller chair, complete with wrapper pedal mounted on base so I don't have to kick it around any more.


ShawnQ said...

Awesome station JEFF!

The new casa looks nice man, congrats on taking the plunge.

Jeff said...

Thanks Q. You gotta come by some time next time you're in town and check everything out. Take care, Jeff